Translucent Worship

Painting Translucent Worship
Painting Translucent Worship

Have you ever been worshipping in the spirit and it is as though you feel like you are a part of worship? Where you are almost are suddenly being carried away into deeper places than perhaps you even knew to be true? After the last piano key is hit and the last guitar string is strummed, and the lights are turned on for someone to speak, you are lost in such a state of awe and worship that you are almost upset that someone could stop such a sweet time of worship?

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That feeling of being so lost and caught up in worshipping the King of Kings- that is something that I try to capture on canvas with vibrant colors going up into glory and a lovesick worshipper who has spent so much time in the presence of the Lord that her skin has literally turned the same color the presence of the Lord.

In our society, we are allowed to be publicaly passionate for our sports teams, to hoot and holler, pour our finances into funding billowing multi-billion dollar industries, and to focus all of our strength on Sunday afternoons and that is totally acceptable.  But what happens when we give praise to the uncreated, passionate lover of our souls who desperately desires our affections? Why is it so unacceptable to be as passionate on Sunday mornings?

Hunger for more and He will come!


One thought on “Translucent Worship

  1. Your illustration of worship is beautiful….exactly how I feel when worshipping… caught up in the glory of God that any interruption or end is offensive and almost unbearable. Thank you for sharing that

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